CitcoConnect™ simplifies and automates the management of prospective investors and the placement of initial investments in alternative funds. It includes collaboration via a secure data room, digital subscription forms and electronic document signing.

CitcoConnect™ is a stand-alone solution that offers managers full control over which materials prospective investors have access to - including how they interact with such documents - through a secure and flexible data room. This data room can house fund offering materials, allows for profile creation and maintenance of each prospective investor, permits relationship tagging and estimated investment amount tracking. Unlike traditional methods of material sharing – for example, email or physical mail, CitcoConnect™ safeguards data while decreasing the time for investor prospecting and onboarding.

The CitcoConnect™ platform offers:

  • Capital Raising & Fund Reporting Data Room
    Collaboration tool for Managers and Prospective Investors with one location to share materials relevant to the offering. Ability to securely upload supplemental subscription material (e.g. KYC documents) concurrently while submitting a subscription.

  • Digitized Subscription Forms
    Access to customized and digitized fund subscription documents including all applicable representations, warranties and legal disclaimers available at the investment manager’s discretion.

  • A Subscription Wizard
    A step-by-step walkthrough of the subscription process via a smart digital form that guides investors through each section, ensuring accuracy and a more user-friendly experience.

  • Investment Manager Control
    Power to grant investor access to specific subscription forms and the ability to submit an initial investment form with multilayer authorization and e-signatures that ensure flexibility and security.

Our contacts

Emer McGuckin

Emer McGuckin

Managing Director, Head of Investor Relations, 
Citco (Canada) Inc.

T+1 647 777 6783

Greg Fenlon

Greg Fenlon

Head of Alternative Investor Services,
Fund Services

T+1 212 401 9600