SuperReturn International 2020

29 February 2020 - As part of our sponsorship and attendance of the SuperReturn International conference in Berlin, we were delighted to lead a fireside chat with Mattias Hindfelt (CTO at EQT Group) and Citco’s Sam Metland (Head of Private Equity Product, Citco Fund Services (UK) Ltd). The discussion explored “How digitisation is reshaping your business today”.

The issues covered at the talk included:

  • Vision for EQT’s digital future
  • How to IPO in 10 days -Roll your own workflows and data integrations
  • Invoice and payment overload – turning terrible inputs into automated processes
  • Document signing – if the tax authorities can do it why can’t we?
  • Digitising the investor journey – the need for a central AML/KYC authority

We thank Sam Metland and Mattias Hindfelt for hosting and hope those who attended found the content of the talk to be enriching.

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Bocar Kante (Senior Vice President, Citco Fund Services (UK) Ltd), Niall Fagan (Senior Vice President, Citco Fund Services (UK) Ltd).


Our contacts

Sam Metland

Sam Metland

Head of Private Equity Product, 
Citco Fund Services (UK) Ltd

T+44 20 7675 9551
LLondon, UK

Niall Fagan

Niall Fagan

Head of Business Development (EMEA),
Citco (UK) Limited

T+44 (0) 7765 241889
LLondon, UK