Citco supports the Early Learning Initiative (ELI) at National College of Ireland

10 March 2020 - We hosted the Early Learning Initiative’s inaugural Secondary School Educational Guidance event at our offices in Dublin, Ireland, earlier this month.

Educational Guidance is a project-based Career Guidance programme that is designed to enable students explore jobs, research career aspirations and raise awareness among students and parents on the importance of third level education in the pursuit of certain careers.

Michaela Costales (Audit Manager, Citco Technology Management (Ireland) Ltd.), shared her thoughts on the significance of the event: “For me one thing that stood out was the mix of students within the group. It didn’t matter what type of profession it was, there was a mix of girls and boys within the team, and all are equally passionate about the job regardless of what job/profession they were presenting, be it lawyer, healthcare professional, ethical worker or professional football player.”

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