Outperformance at scale – how mega-managers are leading Private Equity’s evolution towards digitisation

12 November 2019 - After two decades of rapid growth, driven by superior returns, private equity is moving to a new era.

The ground-breaking funds that led the industry’s unprecedented expansion are not the same organisations that they once were, driven primarily by relationships, people and performance. Today, they are highly complex entities with global reach, presence and responsibilities, operating in a sector that is attracting more and more inflows, including increasingly larger funds and deals.

Firms that became mega-managers through excellence in deal-making are consolidating their position as industry leaders through efficient and imaginative deployment of technology across their operations. Certain participants are becoming pioneers in new ways, grasping the opportunities afforded by digital technologies to build flexible processes, tools and structures.

In this latest report, Citco explores the key areas that existing and aspirant mega-managers must prioritise to succeed in this new phase, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the mission to deliver consistent outperformance at scale.

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