What are the latest innovative carry and drawback models?

On 16th January 2019, Tim Eberle, Citco Vice President for Fund Services USA Inc, moderated a panel at the CFO & COOs Forum 2019 in New York. The panel discussed innovative carry and clawback models.

Joining Tim on the panel: Omar Hassan (CFO, Cloverlay Partners), Tom Pittman (Managing Director, EWM) and Irene Willard (Vice President of Finance, The Raine Group LLC).

The panel discussed the following topics:

∙ Evaluating the evolution of carried interest, how it’s structured and the different types of models

∙ Creating inventive ways to advance carried interest structures

∙ Creating effective ways to communicate carry to recipients

∙ Moving the conversation toward interim clawbacks

∙ The economic outcome of tax reform on carry and fund success

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