Why a Symbiosis between Fund Manager and Administrator Will Be Key

18 November, 2020 - Nikolaos Perros, Head of Private Equity at Citco Fund Services (USA) Inc., spoke to Preqin this week alongside Kenneth Leong, COO and CFO of Axiom Asia Private Capital, where they discussed the future of alternatives over the next five years.

Examining the ways in which private equity and fund administration is evolving in the booming Asia-Pacific market, Nikolaos explained how global investors and allocators are shifting ‘their allocation interests in favour of local fund managers’, and how deals are becoming ever-more complex.

He commented: ‘There is a new belief that technology can bring significant differentiation to many parts of a manager’s operating model [...] This paradigm shift has resulted in fund administrators being expected to drive forward a technology-led operating model. This applies both internally in our own operation, and also in how we interact with managers. In 2020 we are at the beginning of this journey, but by 2025 a digital-first operating model will be the standard across all top-tier managers and administrators. ‘

The conversation goes on to explore the biggest challenges facing the future of fund administration, as well as why fund administrator relationships are becoming more important in this environment.

Read the full article here: https://www.preqin.com/insights/research/blogs/why-a-symbiosis-between-fund-manager-and-administrator-will-be-key

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