Multinationals & Corporates

As globalisation and growing regulation create greater complexity, Citco’s expertise in navigating international regulatory frameworks keeps client corporate entities in good legal standing.

Citco is committed to continued innovation. Our scalable solutions such as Mercator® and SPV administration are often and continue to be at the vanguard of new developments in our industry.

Governance of a large and diverse entity portfolio is a discipline in itself. Having Citco focusing on our strengths in this discipline allows our clients to pursue their strategies whilst being confident that their compliance is in safe hands. Through our worldwide network of offices, Citco provides a single global point of contact and delivery for a range of administrative services from corporate secretarial support to accounting, financial and regulatory reporting for Special Purpose Vehicles and other corporate entities.

Additionally, we offer general administration and market entry support services as well as dedicated office space in several international financial centres capitals through Citco Gateway.

Our roster of longstanding corporate clients includes multinationals and Fortune 500 companies. They find Citco differentiates itself through bespoke services delivered by highly experienced individuals from offices in over 40 countries worldwide.