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Careers FAQ

General Questions

  • How can I search and apply for open vacancies at Citco?
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    To search and apply for open positions please visit Careers/Openings. Once you’ve found a vacancy that matches your skills you can apply online. If there is no vacancy that suits your skills and experience we encourage you to come back and try again later – we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join us.

  • Why should I work for Citco?
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    Thinking of a career at Citco? Citco is a global business with staff in over 50 office locations. Our continuous investment in learning and development means that our people are among the best in the industry. And our involvement in corporate social outreach programmes provides meaningful and fulfilling work in the community. We invite you to explore a world of opportunity at Citco. Whether you stay for a while or become part of our family, the Citco experience will stay with you for a lifetime.

  • What benefits do you offer?
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    The Citco group of companies has a presence in 34 countries worldwide. Consequently, the range of benefits depends on the type of role that is being offered in each country. Invariably, you can expect Citco companies to provide a comprehensive range of benefits in most locations. These will be explained to you at interview.

  • Where are your office locations?
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    We have a global network of staff in more than 50 office locations. You can find office locations, contact details and everything you need to know about travelling to our offices on our Contact Us page.

  • How does the recruitment process work?
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    Citco’s Talent Acquisition team manages the recruitment process, and it is designed to ensure we get the best possible fit between applicants and Citco. Setting you up for success is of paramount importance to us. With some variations depending on location, our recruitment process steps are:

    • Apply for a vacancy by submitting your CV/résumé through our Openings page / online job portal.
    • Once you’ve applied for a specific vacancy you will receive an email confirmation from our Talent Acquisition team that your application has been received.
    • Our Talent Acquisition team will review your application. As you can imagine, we receive many applications and want to review each thoroughly. This sometimes takes a few weeks, but we hope you understand that we want to give everyone a fair go.
    • If successful, you will be selected for interview by our Talent Acquisition team.
    • After a series of interviews the Talent Acquisition team will contact you to update you on the status of your application. If your application is progressed, the next stage of the recruitment process is to conduct pre-employment checks.
    • Subject to passing our pre-employment checks, an offer of employment will be made by a representative of the Citco group of companies.
  • What kind of career opportunities or work do you offer?
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    At Citco, we have a proud history of service and innovation going back over 70 years. You can pursue careers in: Accounting and Finance; Investor Relations; Software and Technology Development; Banking; Human Resources; Risk and Valuation; Compliance; Marketing; Client Relationship Management and much more. For more information on our current openings visit Careers/Openings.

Tracking Job Applications & Managing My Profile

Referring Jobs and/or Applicants

Student Questions

Agencies & Search Firms

  • What’s Citco’s position on recruitment agencies and search firms?
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    The Citco group of companies does not accept unsolicited CVs/résumés from recruitment agencies or search firms. We ask that candidates who wish to be considered for job opportunities at Citco submit their applications directly online. If we seek the help of a recruitment agency or search firm we require a signed supplier agreement to be in place.


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