• Citco founded by Mr. A.A.G Smeets

  • Launch of Citco's fund administration business

  • Citco's Banking Division is launched

  • Mr. Christopher G Smeets acquires control of The Citco Group Limited

  • Citco's offshore fund administration business becomes core business

  • Citco exits the sub-custody business for financial institutions and focuses on servicing key fund investor clients

  • Citco launches its innovative web platform CitcoOne

Our History and Values

Our History

Founded in 1948, Citco was established by the Smeets family to meet the needs of multinationals and private clients following the Second World War. Since then, we have been a leader in international finance, deeply involved in establishing the Eurobond and hedge fund markets. Today, Citco is still managed by the Smeets family and retains its entrepreneurial character.


Our Values

Our business principles govern everything we do. They are deeply engrained in our culture.

We recognise that one size does not fit all in the alternative investment administration space.

Citco is a privately held independent service provider that is not aligned with an investment bank, nor an ancillary business to a larger institution which may be subject to bureaucracy or conflicts of interest.

Administration is our core business and the foundation of our firm for more than 45 years.

It’s not a secondary service subordinate to receiving resources and attention to any other business within the company.

Citco maintains dedicated well trained staff with local presence, unrivalled knowledge and experience, robust infrastructure and proven technology. Our staff understands service level responsibilities and is committed to meeting client expectations and deadlines. We focus on building and maintaining the integrity of our relationships.

By focusing on proprietary solutions for core systems, we are best positioned to keep up with the dynamic nature of the alternative investment industry. We believe that we have been an innovator in the alternative investment space and we continue to look for key differentiators to set us apart and to help our clients/ our partners succeed in their businesses. Our technology has been built for alternative investors and managers. Our technology allows monitoring of positions across all operational, regulatory, compliance and legal groups.

Given our client base, we are continually involved and at the forefront of industry changes. We actively engage with the MFA, where we are the only administrator that is a Strategic Partner and AIMA, to help implement change as well as continually educate regulators and the public about the alternative investment world.

To complement our core suite of services we can also provide: investor portfolio analytics, custody, enhanced middle office, foreign exchange exposure calculation and hedging, financial statement reporting, regulatory reporting, tax services, and registered fund services.