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Introducing Æxeo® Treasury – Citco’s industry-leading treasury and cash management platform

February 2021

22 February 2021 - In today’s volatile markets, the integration of an automated, digitized middle-office infrastructure is critical to enable alternative investment managers to compete more effectively, unlock operational efficiencies, and better utilize their data.

Æxeo® Treasury is the Citco group of companies’ (Citco) proprietary, highly customizable, end-to-end treasury application to support best-in-class middle office processing. Built by agile experts and serviced by our best-in-class, dedicated treasury and cash management team, Æxeo® Treasury combines Citco’s leading software and deep technology expertise into a single, secure, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service tool.

By centralizing connectivity across prime brokers, custodians and banks, Æxeo® Treasury allows for customization while optimizing and maintaining proper controls over workflows. Through one customizable dashboard, users can fund investments, facilitate OTC trades and collateral related cash flows, process transfers between accounts and through complex fund structures, as well as handle expenses and other third-party payments.

Æxeo® Treasury enables users to view the status of key workflows for approval of cash movements and wire instruction templates in real time, as well as isolate specific items and create alerts for bank and currency cutoffs to ensure high priority items are kept in check.

The addition of approval thresholds and sign groups adds flexibility to the customization of workflows to match any organization’s approval requirements without sacrificing control and operational oversight. With the inclusion of Citco’s document management tools, users can easily store and save support files that are tagged to transactions, providing a rich data source for any reporting needs. All historical transactions are stored and saved using a unique end-to-end transaction reference (UETR) to enhance and enrich payment instructions and provide a full audit trail.

Æxeo® Treasury integrates seamlessly with Citco’s proprietary Æxeo® Collateral and Invoice Management module for a completely end-to-end workflow for tracking collateral movement, and leverages Citco’s own SWIFT infrastructure. With access to core SWIFT functionality, such as GPI, users can ensure complete traceability and transparency throughout all functions.

To find out more about Æxeo® Treasury and view a demo of the technology, please contact:

Ryan Fitzgerald T: +1 201 793 5612 E:
Jonathan Smith T: +353 1 636 7428 E:

Introducing Æxeo® Treasury

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