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Global Subsidiary Governance Services Focus - Summer 2021

July 2021

As we enter the second half of the year, it is a good moment to reflect on the tireless work of our global team in pioneering the emerging discipline of Entity Portfolio Management (EPM). A big part of our mission is to share our thought leadership with our wider industry community, not least through our newsletters, where we share our latest thought leadership and regulatory updates.

In the first article, we provide a timely reminder of the importance of EPM in the wider business context. We underline the factors multinationals should consider when selecting a partner, centring around global reach and technological capabilities. In a similarly educational based piece for the Asia and Pacific region, we look to highlight what subsidiary governance is and how to create a robust Regulatory Compliance Plan (RCP).

In another article, we outline the changes to regulation in the UAE and how that has affected governance professionals. In this, we evaluate how these changes have led to the region being one of the most conducive environments via its location, taxation system and free zones.

Finally, I wrote a follow-up to my previous piece on how the dynamics of the private equity industry are creating new challenges for General Counsels. We argue that as the industry continues its rapid expansion with larger and more frequent buyouts, the importance of centralised governance and compliance functions has never been clearer. We also touch on how technology is and will continue to advance this area of industry evolution.

As always, I would like to thank our clients for their continued partnership with us and say that we very much look forward to continuing our pioneering work together.

By Kariem Abdellatif, Head of Mercator by Citco

Citco GSGS Focus – Summer 2021

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