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Introducing Æxeo® Treasury for mobile

At the Citco group of companies (Citco), we work hard to provide solutions for our clients that ensure their workflows are as efficient and secure as possible.

In turn, we are pleased to announce that our Æxeo® Treasury solution – the proprietary, end-to-end SaaS application that connects you with your prime brokers, custodians and banks to send and receive payments across multiple counterparties through Citco’s SWIFT Service Bureau (SWIFT) messaging network, providing real-time view of your payments – is now accessible via your mobile devices.

Whether you are funding investments, settling OTC trades, making transfers between accounts or paying invoices, the launch of the mobile version of the Æxeo® Treasury desktop offering means you can now keep track on the go.

Now, our valued clients can review and approve payment transactions and payment instructions on the move from anywhere in the world, meaning you can now get a full picture of payments that are pending approval, on a secure and efficient platform, without needing to be at the office or at your desks.

To find out more about this exciting new offering from Citco, please get in touch with your relationship manager, or click on the video above.

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