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New Customer Due Diligence module - CitcoOne™ CDD

October 2021

Citco Fund Services is continuing its commitment to fraud prevention and enhanced cyber-security by announcing that a new investor “Customer Due Diligence” module - "CitcoOne™ CDD” – will be launched in CitcoOne™ for Investors starting October 11th.

CitcoOne™ CDD provides a safe and secure environment for investors to view what KYC/AML documents are outstanding at any point in time and also to manage documents that have been requested by the Citco KYC/AML team.

How does this affect the current KYC collection process?

  • Citco will continue to reach out to investors for outstanding KYC/AML items under the existing communication methods. Communication templates will be updated to reference the new CitcoOne™ CDD module where requested items can be shared with Citco.
  • All CitcoOne™ investor users will have access to CitcoOne™ CDD from October 11th. These users will be able to view the list of all requested KYC/AML items going forward.
  • All users will have the ability to upload requested KYC/AML items directly via CitcoOne™ CDD.
  • No user will have the ability to access or view any documents uploaded in the CitcoOne™ CDD, or view or download any existing KYC/AML documents held on file by Citco.
  • CitcoOne™ CDD will allow for larger file sizes of KYC/AML documents to be provided to Citco.
  • File uploads are encrypted end-to-end from the investor and Citco using Secure 256 Bit SSL Encryption.


CitcoOne™ CDD follows the launch of CitcoOne™ Self Service in 2020 which offers investors the ability to view and edit their authorized investor contacts and investor wire details online using the “self-service” function in CitcoOne™.
Investors can request that CitcoOne™ self-service authorization access is added to the account profiles of specified authorized contacts by completing the online authorization form at:


CitcoOne™ online order placement functionality can also be assigned to the profiles of contacts that are authorized to place additional subscriptions and redemptions on behalf of their investors in open-ended funds.
The online trading functionality via CitcoOne™ enhances data protection and provides greater cyber-security over traditional e-mail or faxed instructions.
Online trading authorization can also be granted to authorized investor contacts by completing the online authorization form at

Please contact your Citco Investor Relations representative today for more information on CitcoOneTM CDD, CitcoOneTM Self Service, or CitcoOneTM Online Trading.

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