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Emer McGuckin in HedgeWeek: The evolution of investor relations in capital raising

June 2021

18 June 2021 – Emer McGuckin, Head of Investor Relations, Citco (Canada) Inc., discusses the evolution in the hedge fund world, and the role that service providers and vendors can play in facilitating innovative tools and techniques to aid capital raising, due diligence and investor reporting.

In the article, Emer discusses how the pandemic has changed the manager-investor relationship – including demands such as higher levels of transparency, specifically around ESG and technology capabilities –, how COVID and subsequent remote working has impacted capital raising, how have Investor Relations teams within hedge funds adapted to the new norm – including developments in tech to improve investor communications, transparency and reporting – and lastly, what information do allocators now expect from their managers regarding ESG reporting?

As investors become increasingly wary of ‘greenwashing’, and look to uncover a tangible commitment to sustainable ESG practices as a critical factor in the manager selection process, asset servicers are pivotal in helping investment managers’ meet such demands. The vast amounts of data collected by asset servicers on the funds they administer means that they are perfectly placed to contribute to further transparency, and have an opportunity to lead the charge in creating overall sustainability reporting metrics and bespoke solutions that consistently evaluate and report on a manager’s ESG strengths.

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