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Turkey changes submission of signature declarations

May 2021

18 May 2021 - Turkey introduced changes to the Turkish Commercial Code on the issuance of signature declaration / specimen required when incorporating a company or a commercial enterprise.

Notably, signature declarations of persons residing in Turkey issued by a notary public are now deemed acceptable (excl. limited liability companies). The changes do not affect the issuance of a signature specimen by representatives outside Turkey.

In addition, the changes cover:

  • The elimination of the need to be physically present to submit the signature declaration to the Trade Registry directorate. The signature data will be obtained from the databases of public institutions and organizations.
  • Where the signature data cannot be obtained electronically, the Trade Registry directorate will accept notary-certified signatures.
  • Re-submission of a signature declaration will not be required if previous signature data or signature declaration is already in the Registry file of the relevant company.

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