Private Clients

At a time when globalisation and new regulations are creating greater complexity, Citco assists clients to comply with local and international regulations.

Since its establishment in the 1940s, Citco has helped private clients set up companies, foundations and trusts which assist in the estate planning and global investments such as real estate holding companies or holding of financial accounts.

Citco delivers corporate and trustee services to individuals and family offices. It offers exceptional service levels and a commitment to tailoring bespoke solutions for passing family wealth from one generation to the next.

Extended families may have complex affairs, with business and investment assets located in different countries. As an independent organisation, Citco is happy to work with a wide range of regulated financial institutions, law firms or other professional advisers that clients have engaged.


Information technology differentiates Citco. Our proprietary technology, has allowed us to adapt quickly to the alternative investment industry’s rapidly changing needs.

Technological innovation ranges from our introduction of the Æxeo® front-to-back system in 2002, to the AXI transfer agency and allocation system in 2009, to the the CitcoOne web portal and CitcoWaterfall™ engine in 2016 and Æxeo® Treasury in 2018.

With the delivery of information at the core of our business, Citco is focusing on developing ‘big data’ to improve what we offer our clients still further.





Citco’s primary technology security goal is to ensure that all clients interact in the most secure possible environment and that their information is safe.

Comprehensive security measures include: encryption, intrusion protection and access management systems.

Business continuity and disaster recovery systems are in place across all operating locations.

Our continued financial commitment to technology investment allows us to provide the alternative investment industry with flexible, secure and robust systems.

With US$995bn under administration, we act for 20% of the hedge fund marketplace, calculating more than 250,000 fund NAVs per month.