• Æxeo® becomes available on client desktops providing true front-to-back STP processing

  • Sungard's Investran platform for PE & RE funds goes into production


  • Roll out of latest technology for FoF middle office services

  • Citco's Financial Reporting 'Center of Excellence' is created

  • Æxeo Investor (AXI) goes into production

    Launch of next generation reporting platform Citco Portal

  • Æxeo Data Warehouse goes into production

    Roll out of Enhanced Middle Office Services including Collateral and Treasury

  • Regulatory Reporting 'Center of Excellence' created

  • Æximo platform integration enhancing Hedge Fund offering and Æxeo Technology

    Launch of Regulatory Reporting Portal

  • Æxeo Investor (AXI) provides fully automated fee allocations

  • FATCA & AIFMD Annex IV Reporting Services go live

  • Automated engine CitcoWaterfall released into production

  • Launch of third generation web platform CitcoOne


By focusing on proprietary solutions for core systems, we are best positioned to keep up with the dynamic nature of the alternative investment industry. We believe that we have been an innovator in the alternative investment space and we continue to look for key differentiators to set us apart and to help our clients/ our partners succeed in their businesses. Our technology has been built for alternative investors and managers. Our technology allows monitoring of positions across all operational, regulatory, compliance and legal groups.

Through a number of global development centers, Citco Technology Management develops award-winning technology products and provides secure infrastructures that underpin our commitment to service excellence.

Our information technology capabilities have long been recognized as a key competitive differentiator and a critical ingredient in delivering high quality solutions for our clients. To ensure we maintain our long-standing competitive positioning, we continually reinvest in our core technology and stay ahead of industry trends.  

Because of the sensitive nature of transactions in the global financial marketplace, all companies within the Citco Group of companies continuously focus on ensuring that clients interact in the most secure possible manner and that their information assets are safe. Our objective is to ensure a highly secure infrastructure that provides 24 by 7 integrity controls around the globe. We focus on Global Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery to ensure redundancy and recovery for all major systems and technologies across all operating locations as well as security measures including encryption, intrusion protection systems and access management systems because client information and data is sacrosanct.

Our contacts

Albert Bauer

Albert Bauer

Chief Technology Officer,
Citco Technology Management, Inc.

T+1 212 401 9629


Information technology differentiates Citco. Our proprietary technology, has allowed us to adapt quickly to the alternative investment industry’s rapidly changing needs.

Technological innovation ranges from our introduction of the Æxeo® front-to-back system in 2002, to the AXI transfer agency and allocation system in 2009, to the the CitcoOne web portal and CitcoWaterfall™ engine in 2016 and Æxeo® Treasury in 2018.

With the delivery of information at the core of our business, Citco is focusing on developing ‘big data’ to improve what we offer our clients still further.





Citco’s primary technology security goal is to ensure that all clients interact in the most secure possible environment and that their information is safe.

Comprehensive security measures include: encryption, intrusion protection and access management systems.

Business continuity and disaster recovery systems are in place across all operating locations.

Our continued financial commitment to technology investment allows us to provide the alternative investment industry with flexible, secure and robust systems.

With US$995bn under administration, we act for 20% of the hedge fund marketplace, calculating more than 250,000 fund NAVs per month.