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Citco Document IntelligenceTM

Citco Document Intelligence 2880x1016
First ‘AI Plus Human’ platform

Citco provides a proprietary, scalable, AI-enabled application that automates data extraction and data management, delivering easy-to-digest data reporting that allows firms to focus on what they do best – generating growth.

Our solutions are the backbone of your business

Our customized solutions are designed to fit your organization, your investments, your goals and your distinct challenges. We build a bespoke foundation that sets you up for success.

Our Services 2880x1210

Citco Document Intelligence™ (CDI) is an AI-driven solution for the pervasive paper problem in alternatives.

Citco Document IntelligenceTM is the first ‘AI Plus Human’ platform to offer fund managers and allocators a fully-managed document management service by combining AI and fund reporting experts. The service is relevant to all fund managers, fund types and asset owners, and will be of particular interest to FoF managers.

Currently, managers face the headache of missed investment opportunities by missing time-sensitive documents like capital calls due to high volumes of emails and a lack of structured data. This problem is further compounded by lack of data standards and disparate document formats. CDI also supports asset allocators who require transparency reporting, such as validating various investments fees.

Compared to other offerings in the market, CDI interprets, organizes, and transforms documents into discoverable information and insights with high accuracy through its highly scalable combination of AI and subject matter expertise.

Why CDI for Document Management?


In interpreting complex, financial services language.


Ability to scale in line with growth, while reducing costs.


Richer and deeper information from documents.


We take ownership of the issues, more than a SaaS.


End to end solution from email capture to information delivery.


Singular unified platform - document type agnostic.

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