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2022 Citco Fund of Hedge Fund Update - A Year in Review

April 2023

6 April 2023 - Funds of Hedge Funds serviced by the Citco Fund Services Companies delivered a weighted average return of -3.35% for 2022. Seen in the context of performance of both the broader markets and the alternatives space, this indicates the strategy offered a good deal of downside protection versus the double-digit declines seen in many major asset classes last year. The weighted average return overall was also ahead of the median return of-3.53%, suggesting better performance from larger funds.

After experiencing an especially challenging first half of the year, the latter two quarters told a marginally better story. The average return stood at -5% at June 30 but the second half of the year was a positive one.

These are some of the findings from Citco’s 2022 Fund of Hedge Fund Update, which explores the data behind the sector’s performance.

Fo F report a year in review 2022
2022 Citco Fund of Hedge Fund Update - A Year in Review

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