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Introducing Citco ESG Reporting

March 2021

Introducing our accessible, independent and robust ESG reporting and analytics solution -
Citco ESG Reporting

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors such as ecological impacts, employee engagement, and business ethics are increasingly vital, non-financial, indicators of the health of businesses and investments globally.

In an environment where greater awareness of the impact of these markers is crucial, the Citco group of companies (Citco) is proud to launch a solution that enables clients to comprehensively monitor their investment portfolios and communicate effectively to their clients – Citco ESG Reporting.

Citco’s ESG reporting and analytics platform is an invaluable tool in effective ESG portfolio analysis. Our end-to-end solution combines independent third-party ESG data with Citco’s Administration data. Results are then delivered through a seamless integration with our industry-leading CitcoOne web-reporting platform, enabling reporting while protecting the confidentiality of underlying positions.

Our dynamic, interactive Manager ESG Dashboard provides managers with access to ESG visualizations and granular metrics via one click. With multi-view analysis and filtering, key data is viewable by pillar, quintile, region, sector and leaders/laggards, with look-through to individual holding scores.

In addition, our Investor ESG Report provides investors with independent, aggregated insights into their investments’ ESG scores.

The reporting utilises Truvalue Labs’ (a FactSet company) technology, which leverages artificial intelligence and unbiased non-company disclosures to analyse large amounts of unstructured data. Citco ESG Reporting provides global coverage of 20,000 companies from 100,000+ sources, comprising over one million data points that are refreshed in alignment with current reporting cycles and SLAs.


lf you would like to find out more about how our intuitive and interactive solution can help you comprehensively assess the ESG risks and opportunities inherent in your portfolios, please reach out to your relationship manager or contact one of our business development representatives in your region to arrange a demo of the platform.

Citco ESG Reporting

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