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The Future of Private Equity Fund Administration 2025

July 2021

27 July 2021 – Private Equity funds have said they expect two major trends to take center stage over the next four years as the industry looks to change the way key processes and workflows operate.

Telling all in the Citco Group of Companies’ latest whitepaper, The Future of Private Equity Fund Administration 2025, private equity experts said data integration and collaborative platforms would become all important from an administration perspective. In particular, the ability to involve multiple parties on the same systems – so they can input together on areas like capital events – can help to fulfill the potential of automation.

As we head in this direction, much must still be done by all parties to ensure a smooth transition. The report looks in detail at how modern communication tools, changes to the subscription process, simplification on fees and a host of other impending enhancements can help the industry move towards this new operating model.

Private Equity Fund Administration 2025
Private Equity Fund 2025 Report

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