Citco Waterfall™

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The Citco group of companies’ (‘Citco’) Waterfall Administration offering provides fund managers with independent calculations of Carried Interest based on the specific provisions of the fund’s governing documents.

Using industry leading, SOC compliant technology (Citco Waterfall™), supplemented by a dedicated team of subject matter experts, Citco streamlines the waterfall calculation process through our automated, transparent, and scalable service offering.

The Citco Solution – Outsource your complex Waterfall models and Carry Plan Calculations to Citco for an automated, cloud based solution and reporting package.

Supplement internal resources with Citco’s dedicated Waterfall Team and technology.

Citco Waterfall™ is highly configurable and can accommodate complex Waterfall structures.

Leverage Citco’s Waterfall experts for industry best practices.

Citco Waterfall™ scales to meet transactional volume.

Citco Waterfall™ can efficiently and accurately calculate Waterfall Distributions and Carry Plan payouts.

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Jeffrey Rosen

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Lie Ming Or

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Tim Eberle

Tim Eberle

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