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Citco Waterfall™ assists with carried interest computations 

Citco Waterfall is a proprietary tool built on Citco’s cutting-edge technological capabilities and in-depth knowledge of alternative investment funds.

The technology assists with calculation of the carried interest associated with traditional close-ended fund vehicles (a.k.a. realised and unrealised waterfalls).

The system is designed to offer the highest levels of flexibility in waterfall calculation methodology, data in-take/out-take, and the ability to report on the results at all stages of the calculation.

Key Features of Citco Waterfall include:

  • Source system agnostic

  • Unlimited tiers/flexible tier arrangement

  • Intuitive waterfall setup dashboard

Citco Waterfall fills a major gap in private equity fund administration by replacing a process for determining waterfalls that is labor-intensive and inefficient with Citco’s technology which automates and standardizes the waterfall calculation process, while maintaining maximum flexibility to account for a wide range of fund partnership agreements, scenarios, and tiers that may require unique, tailored methodologies. 

In addition, the Citco Waterfall program features an intuitive dashboard that is designed to enable managers to visualize their calculations and easily access formulas and data.

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